My thoughts…

Today is November 12th. It has been awhile since I have posted anything. The days just go by so fast and now it is getting darker earlier since the time change. I did get a ride in once this week but I do not like riding when it starts getting dark and with the cooler weather. My mother has been having problems moving from her bed or chair to the wheelchair or toilet without falling so she has to call me before she gets up from anywhere which she hates as she is so independent for 92. I found her a couple of times lying on the floor for I don’t know how long as she does not want to wake me or bother any of us so stays there awhile. She did the same when she was in rehab as she did not want to bother the nurses. I told her that is why we have the alert button for her so that she can call us. LOL It makes for a busy day. My sister stopped by from Spirit Lake, Idaho, which is 8 hours from me, on their way to Arizona for the winter. Her and her husband live in an RV now and as he works on the roads in Idaho until it gets down to 40 then they are off until spring so they head to Arizona. On there way back they will stay in an RV park by me for a month to visit and then as soon as he is called back they will leave again. This is only the second winter they have done this. I wouldn’t mind the traveling but not the living in an RV full time. I like hotels better, LOL! I am still busy working on my web pages but it is slow going getting traffic to my sites. I hope you all had a chance to check them out. If not the links are in my last post. Well it is tea time here. Hopefully I will be able to come back sooner than last post. Peace out…

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