My thoughts…

Today is November 1st. Where did the last two months go. My trike riding days are over for the year, probably until March. The weather has been below freezing. I did ride when it was 42 degrees but my face was frozen. I needed one of those face masks. The chis had their winter coats on and the little one had a blanket around her. Jasper could only walk so long due to his leg still bothering him, but he is more hot-blooded than Gypsy. I did not stay out long and I think they did better than me being cold. I am staying busy with the computer stuff. I have three websites that are actually working most of the time. is my T-shirt Store,, Take a look and let me know how they are and if working okay. I would appreciate any comments. The sanctuary has been doing great things for the abused and neglected chihuahuas. Two recently had there eyes fixed and can see again. It is so great seeing them looking around and having them come out of their shells and joined the pack of all the chis there now. I love watching the videos of how far they have come since being rescued. The parvo out break was a bad time but everyone is doing well now. I believe three have been adopted to their furever homes. This Sunday is “six dollar Sunday” donation, so if you are able to donate please do. Big Guy/Littles World Island They will be doing a tour of the Island of all the upgrades with the new floor, painting, etc. I also have gotten hooked on two shows on TV that my H has been watching. I have not watched any TV for years and just snippets of politics which I am done with right now, LOL. For three years it has been one thing after another so watching two SCFI shows has really helped my sanity. Only thing, we are caught up and have to wait until the next season is on Amazon. Peace out…

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