My thoughts…

Today is October 22nd and a dreary day. No trike riding for the last three days. I am sad that winter is coming. I want to get back to riding. Jasper is still sore and limping around. He seems somewhat better but if he keeps jumping off furniture without thinking he is going to keep hurting it. I ordered the two chis coats for outside just in case I am able to go out. Supposedly, the battery does not last as long if under 40 degrees so I would hate to get stuck somewhere in the cold. I was busy with doctor appointment for my mom. They say she is doing good for 92 but her bone density scan did not improve on the Prolia. She is having problems with her ears. She says she has ringing and explosions in her ears and head. She is also pretty deaf and I feel I am always yelling at her when talking plus she talks so softly that I cannot hear her. It is quite funny trying to have a conversation, LOL. Anyone watching us probably have a good laugh! My son was sentenced last week. Two years and Two years probation. He can transfer his probation to Idaho if he still wants too. He will be in actual 9 to 11 months because of time served. He seems optimistic and is going to get his GED and some college classes. I hope he come out of this a better man and stays on the good side of the law. The chi sanctuary has been busy redoing the floors and painting. One of the pups was adopted and left yesterday. The two blind chis had surgery this week and they can see. There lives have changed for the good. The one from Texas shelter vet recommended putting her down. You should see the change in her. She was brought to the sanctuary and not sure she was going to make it she was so sick. She had diabetes and they were giving her too much insulin. Now she is doing good on her diet with the right dose of insulin. She will be a lifer at the sanctuary. Computer wise, I got my T-shirt website fixed. It is and another store with search engine which is http// still gives me some trouble. If you check them out and see any problems drop me a note which would be appreciated. I also have a travel reservations site which is http// I hope to make some money to keep funding the sanctuary and help my son when he gets out of prison. We shall see if it works. Peace out…

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