My thoughts…

Today is October 19th and a windy, rainy day today. I have been busy trying to get trike rides in while the weather is nice. That ended yesterday and now today. I have also been ill so have not done much with my projects. It is probably good for Jasper to not be going out as he hurt is back leg and is limping. The last day I rode he just sat in the basket as he could not keep up. I am watching him carefully as he had to have surgery on his other leg when he was a year old to repair his patella which the breed is known for. Hoping he will not have to have another surgery. My projects are coming together. I have learned a lot on building websites. I have two stores out there now so hope to sell something. I think I will be excited if I could just sell something, LOL. It has been keeping me busy. The chi sanctuary is doing well. There were two cataract surgeries this last week and they are able to see again. There have been some adoptions and there are five more chis coming to the sanctuary this coming week. It should have its non-profit status soon. All the paperwork is in so should be soon now. Now that winter is coming I am thinking on taking up reading again. I use to read a lot until I got my laptop, LOL. You can really get hooked on this computer stuff. I mean, I was on the computer everyday when I worked but this is different with all the email, searching and reading Facebook. I think I may have confirmed to many friends as everyone wants to chat with me at night and I am trying to work. I haven’t even logged in to Facebook today yet. I need to be more picky on who I confirm. I went and cancelled quite a few of them last night. Okay, I better go get some work done. Peace out…

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