My thoughts…

Today is October 3rd and I’m taking advantage of riding while the weather is nice as once we get into the cold weather I will have to use my stationary bike which is not as fun as the Trike. We are suppose to have cooler weather with wind tomorrow. I do not know if I will be able to ride tomorrow so took a long ride with my chis today. It was a nice ride. I tuckered out my pups as they are both sound of sleep, LOL. Regarding my computer projects, I was able to get one of my sites working but it is still slow going. I sure have learned a lot of computer know how since starting. Otherwise, everything is going well so far this week. I cannot believe we are in October and three days are gone. September was a blur. Tomorrow is the vet for the pets. Our one cat has a followup regarding her thyroid and my two chihuahuas both need their nails trimmed. It is free for me there and easier then fighting with them. My other son’s dog is 13 but we have had her since she was a puppy. She always took care of her own nails by chewing them. She has stopped doing that and her nails are getting long. If I would try she would bite off my hand, LOL. She is slowing down as she has some bladder problems and arthritis. I know she will be crossing the rainbow bridge sometime soon. It is just so hard to make the decision. The vets would have to sedate her if we have her nails done. The sanctuary is still doing well. There has been a new one who will be a lifer there but there are now some up for adoption so if interested go to the website and fill out an application. I think they are in Virginia. Peace out…

3 thoughts on “My thoughts…”

  1. It looks like you took your dogs to run alongside while you rode your bike, is that right? I would love to know how to do this. We have a really big, strong, dog and are worried that he might make us lose control. Any tips/ideas?


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