My thoughts:

Today is the 29th of September. I know I have been absent for awhile. We had some really good weather and I have been out riding with my chis. They sure to love to go with me. Now, the last two days we have had horrid weather with wind and rain so have been stuck in the house. I have been working on the computer trying to get my websites to load but they just will not. I have moved databases over to the host and I am not sure I am doing the right thing. They all loaded as admin but will not load by just the URL and now one will not even do that and I get a 500 error. I have been fighting with this for over a week and feel I have not gotten anywhere. On another note, I hear from my youngest son every day by phone. He has a sentencing hearing on the 16th. I would like to go but it is in Arizona and I do not want to leave my mom, although she would be well taken care of by H and S. I just do not want to be to far away. Our Vegas trip was fun but I did worry the whole time. She is having a good week compared to last week. The sanctuary is doing well. There have been a couple of new additions. I cannot believe how people can abuse and abandon these little guys. My chis and cats are part of our family. My H has a scary movie on and it is getting good so I am going to call it a night. Scary movie is better than anymore politics on TV. I would like to turn off all politics for a year and see what is different, LOL. Peace out…

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