My thoughts…

Today is September 18th and I just got back from my Trike ride. I didn’t take the dogs today as it was real windy and cold. I took them yesterday and my small chi was shivering. I will have to get her a sweater to wear. I am not ready for the cold weather yet. I feel we had a very short summer. We are expecting rain and wind and then a short warm couple of days. That will probably be our last warm spell:-( I finally have one of my websites up and running. It is Let me know what you think or if you could access it. Please share the link far and wide, LOL… I am going to work on my T-shirt store. I am starting from scratch so we will see if it will work right this time, wish me luck. Peace out…

3 thoughts on “My thoughts…”

  1. HEY (sensational shouts) 🙌 Thanks for stopping by! So Glad you enjoyed the latest $300 blog post! Were you able to read The Scoop for the forbidden eye-opener- It gets better… 🤫 for IA readers only.

    On your site, looks fantastic! (Your first aff site hmmm.)- Looks like you’ve been doing this for YEARS… from the video…Great way to get engagement, asking fans what they’re after.

    Best to you,

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