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Today is September 6th so we have made it through my moms birthday and mine. Unfortunately, I was ill and did not make it out of bed. I am finally feeling better but missed my trike rides these last three days. It was a rainy day today so hoping for clear sky tomorrow. I have not been able to work much on my projects but will start back in tomorrow. I think I am getting in over my head so I am going to backtrack some and start over at a slower pace. My H made two pies last night so am looking forward for some of that tonight. My Chis are fine but Jasper is still attached to my hip. I had to go out for an appointment today and he just looked so sad when I left. He was sure happy to see me back. The sanctuary is doing well and back to saving abused and senior chis. I got some good and bad news about my wayward son today. I was able to talk to him for a bit. He got himself mixed up with some career criminals and got caught in a theft scam and will be doing some time but not as much as it could have been. How I got one kid who never gave me any trouble and the younger all my trouble. Totally opposite. I would have never left my mom with the younger one. My older son Kyle is so good to her and will do anything she asks. I hope Logan will learn something from his mistakes. Anyway, good/bad all the way around. I can hear that pie calling so Peace out…

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  1. Good morning – I hope this is comforting – I read your blog each time you post – I have included you in my prayers – and I know frustrations when it comes to computers ! I use a Chrome Book – and the space bar does not work correctly – I constantly have to go back and insert a space between words ! Your sons – one you can rely on the other you can not – nothing I could say would be of any help – but I can and will pray for him and you.
    My wife – Sherry – is a Certified Health Coach – if you ever feel any need of her advice – please just ask – health at our age is very important – I do not own a pet – had to put ours down after she was 14 years old-hardest thing I ever did and swore she would be our last – that was 22 years ago. Keep on writing – I just started in I think June – and I now have 134 followers – most I do not know and they are Worldwide. I write each and every day – I am putting my life into daily form for future generations – a place they can go and read. Keep writing – we also have a internet business – going on 13 years – actually my wife runs it – she tells me NOT to go near her computer as THINGS tend to happen when I am close ! LOL I wrote a blog on that ! Hope this lifts your day – take care -Tom

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    1. Thank you for your words and prayers. I really appreciate it. I had a great day today and got out of the house for awhile with the dogs. I never even opened my computer until just now. I will get back to it. I hope to get my computer businesses going soon but we will see. Have a great weekend. Kathi

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