My Thoughts:

Today is the 3rd of September and again it is around 12:30 a.m. Maybe someday I will be on a normal schedule. My hub worked nights so we are use to sleeping in and staying up late. He retired in March and we are still on the same schedule. My mom will be 92 on Thursday. That is an amazingly long time. She had 12 siblings and she is the oldest now of four. I do not think I will make it that long and not sure I want too. If it wasn’t for her body giving out you would not know that she is as old as she is. She is a great conversationalist, is that the right word? She talks on her cell phone with one relative or another everyday so she feels she has contact with everyone. I am a little down regarding my computer projects. I keep having issues with some of the products I purchased and getting support. I could not work on my store very much today because of glitches. I was able to add some more T-shirts and the website looks good. Hopefully, I will get some answers to my emails. I did get a ride in on my Trike but not with my chis. It was getting late and I did not want to be out in the dark with them. I will try to take them later this day. My youngest sons dog is going to be 14 soon and we just found out she has bladder stones. She has been having accidents in the house and has gotten aggressive with my younger chi who does not want to fight but if she goes near me he will fight her as I am his person, LOL. He is my rescue and is attached to my hip. I have to make a decision regarding her. She could have surgery (1500.00) but at her age they worry about anesthesia. I have had to let other pets cross the rainbow bridge but it is always so hard but our pets are our family and I could not see us without any pets. I think I am rambling tonight. My birthday was okay. I got the usual phone calls and texts. My hub made me brunch and my older son barbecued hamburgers. All in all it was a nice day. Peace out…

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts:”

  1. Congrats to your mom for being mentally alert and connected. I’m only 55 and am neither much of the time.

    That decision with our pets is always so difficult. As shaken and grieving as I still am over my Big Dog, I am glad he didn’t make me make that decision but passed in his sleep. I think, with him being my “heart dog” that I would have been hard pressed to do so or would have suffered even greater grief than I still do. That is hard for me to comprehend, right now.

    Good luck with the pups. I’m sorry you are having to deal with that. I hope the best for you and for them.


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