My thoughts…

Today is September 2 and 12:30 a.m., officially my birthday, so happy birthday to me, LOL. Everyone else has gone to bed but I am a night owl. We had a good time in Vegas spending time with our relatives. Everything went smoothly except for a flat tire on the way home. It nearly caused us to stay two days in Utah if we did not get the donut tire on and show up at Les Schwab Tires 5 minutes to closing, otherwise they would be closed Sunday and Monday because of Labor Day. We definitely lucked out. My mom did great and my son took good care of her making sure she did not forget her medicine and checked on her constantly throughout the day. My pups really missed me, especially my youngest rescue. He was pining for me, LOL. He kept watch on both doors waiting for me to come back, poor baby. He has been sleeping most of the day catching up on it. I need to get back to working on these computer projects I have going starting tomorrow. This will be a busy week for us with appointments. I will also be back out on my Trike to keep my strength up. I could of used it on my trip. My back is so bad that I had to keep stopping and sitting down every 20 to 30 feet or so. I had to rent a wheelchair when we went to the outlet malls there, otherwise I would not have been able to go. Next time I am going to rent a scooter right from the start. I need to get a little bit more of computer work before retiring for the night. Peace out…

2 thoughts on “My thoughts…”

  1. Glad u had a good trip! I am not sure why, but I look forward to your little update into your world everyday! All the best for all your computer projects. I have started a shopify store too and learning about running Ads. Hope both of us make some money soon!


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