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Today is August 21st and a nice day here in Idaho. I finally got a good nights sleep without the fly bothering me. Probably knew I had my trusty water sprayer. I took a ride on my trike today with the chis. I figured out how to let them walk around at the park without taking off. Gypsy my small chi will just take off not really knowing where she is going but Jasper will not leave me at all so I tied the leashes together and let them wander around. Gypsy is too small to pull Jasper as he is a tank so she cannot get a way. Jasper will not leave me or go to far because he has to protect me, LOL. I finally got the T-shirt store working just need to sell some of them. We have had a change in plans with our Las Vegas trip. We are going to leave a day earlier and stop in Wendover which is right on the Nevada/Utah border and stay at one of the casinos there to break up the drive. We usually do that but I was unsure about leaving early and returning later but we decided it would be okay and we can always change the coming home if we are needed back here earlier. My mom’s doing fine right now and we will be back for her birthday. I have a webinar coming up tomorrow so I am hoping it is not a boring one as the last one was. Lately we have been watching a lot of hiking videos of hikers doing the thru trail like the Pacific Crest Trail. Beautiful scenery. My husband is into short hikes around here but he would like to do the Pacific Crest. Me, I cannot and don’t think I would want to if i could. I did enough camping with my kids and our horses. Horse camping was fun but that was then. I liked it because of the horses. I would go do some camping where I could ride my bike around but in a campsite not roughing it and not more than three days. LOL, I really like hotels so much better now, you know, showers, a bed, restaurants, LOL. Time to go do a food order online for tomorrow pick-up. Peace out…

5 thoughts on “My Thoughts…”

  1. Hi. I stopped by to give you a warm welcome to annieasksyou. I’m so pleased to have you join me on my technojourney, and I hope you’ll visit often and comment on posts that particularly interest you.

    I am a dog-deprived dog lover at the moment, so it’s s pleasure to read about your adventures with your little guys. We had a large, gentle, wonderful collie/shepherd mix who stayed in a friend’s kennel/daycare center when we went away. He loved to be outdoors and would ignore all our friends’ entreaties to get him in when play sessions ended. They discovered he was terrified of another guest, a chihuahua, so they would send that imp outside, and our Vic would run in for safety. Thst’s When we learned dogs don’t recognize size.

    I look forward to reading your further adventures.


  2. In 2013, I worked as a short-term contractor for Honeywell in Deer Valley and I stayed a residential hotel across the street from Barry Goldwater High School. Is that near where you lived?
    The weather was beautiful because I stayed there during the “winter” months. Twenty years before it was a different story. My company sent me to Phoenix to work on a project at Luke AFB. They put me up at a hotel near a shopping mall off Thunderbird (or some road near it). Since I worked nights at the base, I had my days free. One fine sunny afternoon in August, I walked from the hotel to the mall across a large asphalt parking lot. It had to be over 100 degrees out but I’m a tough guy, I didn’t see any problem.
    Well, that sun bore down on me like it wanted to burn a hole through my skull. Relentless, Merciless. It nearly drove me crazy and I don’t need any help in that regard, neither then nor now.
    So what did I end up doing ten years ago? Moving to Texas, of course.


    1. Growing up I was closer to Luke Air force base. I boarded my horse around there. It is all built up now. I married and lived in Chandler for 17 years and then in the Stanfield/Maricopa area for 7. I have been living in Idaho since 2011 and have no interest in going back. It is too hot and way to many cars on the rode there. I lived thru the 122 degree record in Phoenix so I know how hot it can be. I had heat stroke once and when I am out in the heat I will start getting a headache. I love it here is Idaho even our winters. Peace out…


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