My Thoughts…

Today is August 8th and it has been a cloudy and rainy day here in Idaho. Did not get to ride my bike today which was a bummer. On my last two rides I met some ladies with their chihuahuas. After I get use to riding I will see if I can take mine one at a time. I don’t think the 2.5 year old will like riding in the basket but I will see how it goes. I have been having nothing but trouble with my web page hosting so I switched to a new one and I am having trouble with this one too but I think when we get it straightened out I will like this one better. I certainly am not making any money right now. I’m lucky I’m retired and don’t have to count on this to live,, although it wound be nice to have to continue donating to my chihuahua causes and a couple of vacations a year. I think I will go listen to another video so I do not have to listen to the politics on TV as I am tired of hearing it. The channel is on all day, LOL My husband puts the TV on and then falls asleep so I am stuck listening to it. I would rather he fall asleep to the music channels. Now the music he listens to I like. Talk again soon…Peace out…

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