My Thoughts…

Today is August 6th and it has been a great day. My Trike was dropped off last night and today I took it out twice. I even met a nice lady who had a chihuahua. It was so cute. After I get use to riding it I may take my chis out one at a time. The electric assist is just what I needed when I get short of breath. Only bad thing today was my mom falling and hitting her head while trying to make her bed. She is okay just mad at herself. I tell her all the time not to but she is so independent. She will be 92 on September 4th. She always said at age 92 she would drink, smoke, and fool around, LOL. We have a cute picture of her with a cigarette and bottle of whiskey, LOL. She sure does not look her age. The chihuahua sanctuary is pretty close to normal. One new resident came is on Sunday and she will be there forever. She has some health issues like diabetes but after her vet check she is healthier than they thought which is a good thing. All these shootings going on is so crazy it makes you want to stay home. I even have second thoughts going to Las Vegas. I know we cannot hide under a rock but is is something to think about whenever you go anywhere, bar, mall, out to dinner, ect. Computer wise, I am getting better and learning a lot. I better get back to it……Peace out.

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