My thoughts…

Today is August 2nd. Where did the 1st go, LOL. I have been a little under the weather the last few days and hope I feel better tomorrow. We have had cloudy weather the past few days with some rain and thunder. I don’t mind it as it is a change from the normal. Being retired is so different. Usually your day is scheduled around your work schedule but now I get up and I am like, what do I do now, LOL. I am trying to schedule one chore a day like laundry, dusting, mopping. I use to do all of this on Saturdays which was very tiring but sometimes I feel guilty I am not doing something more. My husband retired April of this year and he has projects outside he wants to do that he did not have time for, like gardening, cleaning the garage, and taking some day trips or hiking some of the many places here in Idaho. I am hoping my trike will be useful in the campsites if and when we go camping again. Our first trip is the end of the month to Las Vegas to meet some family members. I like driving rather than flying. We have a newer car bought just for our retirement to go on trips. It is very comfortable and has USB for the music we like, the Eagles, Bob Dillon, country, Jewel, ect. We do not have to worry about the radio stations going out. I am still working on getting traffic to my websites to sell different affiliate products. I have made about 50 bucks but I rather it be 50 a day not 50 here and there. I want to keep donating to the chi sanctuary plus take our car trips. I will keep on plugging along. I am so happy with all the comments and likes I have received on my blog. Thank you everybody for responding. I better get to checking my websites for any sales. Have a great weekend in case I am to busy to blog. Peace out…..

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