My Thoughts…

Today is the last day of July. Time has a way of going so fast the older you get. I have made some progress with my online projects. Yesterday was frustrating but today was a lot better. Tonight we had homemade pizza for dinner. My husband was the cook tonight. He made a cherry pie the other night which was really good. His grandfather was a baker and he and his sister take after him there. I never really liked baking but can make good cookies. My older son is the cook in the family. He makes most dinners here and I love it. He picked cooking over yard work, LOL. I rather have him cooking so hired a lawn guy, so I get good food and a great looking yard! My bike should be here on the 5th. They already sent the video on how to put it together which I watched and forwarded to my husband. Hopefully it ships okay. The sanctuary is getting back to normal. Only the dogs that were brought in from West VIrginia with the parvovirus are still quarantined but they have tested negative for it. The others were all allowed out back to run around and boy did they love it. They put them up on Facebook like and they sure had fun. It is like you are actually there watching them. I am so happy they are all getting well. My pups are lazy today. Gypsy is lying next to me snoring, LOL. Jasper is stretched out on the couch. My mom is feeling better today. My Vegas trip is still on if she stays well. I will probably still be worried but my son is very good at taking care of her and has been for years when we have had to go out of town. They have a great relationship. Well, I think I am going to have some tea and pie. Peace out….

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