My thoughts…

Today is Monday July 30th at 12:19 a.m. I’m a night owl most nights. Busy today doing some laundry while working on my computer projects. My two chis seemed to want more attention than normal today. I think it was the weather. We had some rain with thunder so it could have been that or they are tired of me and my laptop. Jasper, looks pretty funny right now asleep with his head hanging over the couch ledge. He is a character but very protective of me. He is a rescue from an abusive start from birth and the whole litter was taken. My sister had him in Arizona but did not have the time for him. I went to Arizona and brought him here to Idaho. He was around 3 months old and the saddest little guy I had ever seen. I took him to my hotel room and not thinking put him down and he zoomed behind the furniture that you could not move. We tried bribing him with food, we ignored him, talked quietly to him but no luck. From the whole time I had him his ears were flat back on his head. He was so sad. I finally was able to grab him as my husband shooed him from behind. I put him right in bed with me and after a few minutes he started playing with my fingers and he seemed to relax and went to sleep. After that he was totally bonded to me and to this day he is right behind me no matter where I go. He is very protective. My husband had to help me a couple of times because I was choking and while he is helping me Jasper is grabbing onto his jeans trying to pull him away, LOL. Jasper to this day does not like it when I start coughing or choking. He is getting better about it but he still panics somewhat. His ears never stood up like chihuahuas should but I love him just the same and he is so darn cute. I found out today my new electric trike will be here on August 5th. It cam be used for mobility as I now need something as I have some issues. I hope it helps with that plus some exercise as well and getting out of the house. I’m excited about that. Check out my two babies below, there so cute. Gypsy is 10 (tan) and Jasper is 2.5 years. Well that is all for today. Peace out…

2 thoughts on “My thoughts…”

  1. Hi, nice reading your blog. Your chis must be great pals. I lost my dear fellow, a lab- mongrel cross, who just adored me and would not let me out of his sight. I am in the medical field and keep odd hours at times.
    Just started blogging, helps me vent, pass time and let others know about my part of the world.


    1. They are great little creatures and do not talk back to often like kids! I had been a medical transcription here in Idaho until retiring in October 2018. Before that 8 years with OB/GYN office in Arizona.


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