My Thoughts…

Today is July 28th and so far a pretty nice Sunday. I missed a few days from posting as I have been having some computer troubles and life also got in the way. Nothing bad just busy. My mom is 91 years old and lives with us and has had a couple of bad days. She has been with us the past 19 years. We keep telling her she is going to out live us. By looks you would not know she is going to be 92 in September, it is just her body that is failing her. I try not to think of her leaving this earth but know she will be in a better place someday without pain and strong again. I am still planning our trip to Las Vegas meeting with family there from Arizona but I am worried about leaving her even though it is only three days. She will not be alone here. She is never left alone in the house or if so not very long. I am still listening to webinars on making online money. Even if I don’t make anything, I am learning quite a bit and it is fun. Hopefully, I can make some extra money someday. On a different subject, the chihuahuas are doing so much better. The last seven chis who were positive for parvo are now negative for it. Juliette is so much better and should be returned to her Romeo soon if not already. Bella, who was very sick, is now having fun being back with the other chis and running around. Soon they will all be back to normal. Three were lost out of almost 60. It could of been a lot worse. I am so happy they are doing better. It is weird, I have never met any of these chihuahuas or those who run the sanctuary but I really love every one of them as if I do. A lot of this is due to the sanctuary keeping their followers up-to-date on what is going on at Littles Island with live videos on Facebook and updates. I cannot think of the URL for Big Guy Littles Island but you can get there by my website Well, I have another webinar in 30 minutes so I better get ready. Have a great day! Peace out…

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