My Thoughts…

Today is the 24th of July. I wasn’t going to post today because I was so aggavated trying to set up my accounts. I now need a new email address that is not yahoo or gmail. Any ideas would needed. I am getting there but not fast enough for me I guess. Still trying to get fiances in order for our retirement. What our budget will be, where to put money, how 401K works, ect. We have an appointment with financial adviser tomorrow. Getting paperwork together also was a project. You probably can tell I am cranky, LOL. The pups are doing better. Juliette will be reunited with her Romeo in the next week if she stays as well as she is today. He knows she is around but cannot see her. He has really been cranky. The four that were having high temperatures are doing so much better and temps have come down and they are more energetic. Now they need to eat more to put on some weight. Thanks for everyone’s prayers. Peace out…..

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